Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

While the majority of questions can be answered by reviewing NAC 641 or NRS 641, the Board office staff is always available to answer your questions. However, we request your patience as it is a two person office and can take up to 48 hours to respond to inquiries.

    Q: What is required for licensure?

    A: The Board currently offers three licenses; Psychologists, Licensed Behavior Analyst and Licensed assistant Behavior Analyst

      Psychologists: NRS 641.170 (1)

      • Required to have a doctorate degree from an APA accredited institution or equivalent (NAC 641.060
        • If program is not APA accredited responsibility falls to the applicant to prove equivalency. (NAC 641.061)
      • 2 years of Supervision and Training. (NRS 641.170)
        • 1750 in Pre-doctoral training. (NAC 641.080)
        • 1750 in postdoctoral training. (NAC 641.080)
      • Passing score on EPPP. [Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology]
        • If passed for licensure in another state DO NOT need to retake for Nevada.
      • Passing score on Nevada State Exam.
        • NO EXEMPTIONS. All persons looking to be licensed as a psychologist in Nevada MUST PASS that state exam.

      To begin the licensure process: Complete the information form found in the "FORMS" section under psychologist licensing information.

      • ** Abbreviated application given to those practioners who have had a license in good standing for 20+ years and/ or hold a CPQ, ABPP or NRHSPP.
      • *** To begin the application process still complete the information form and return to Board office with $100.00 [non-refundable] application fee.

      Behavior Analyst: NRS 641.170 (2)

      • Master's Degree or greater in social science or special education.
      • Holds current certificate, in good standing from BACB
        • Requirements for certification can be found at
      • Pass Nevada State Exam
        • NO EXEMPTIONS. All persons looking to be a licensed behavior analyst in Nevada MUST PASS that state exam.

      To begin the licensure process: Application and supplementary information can be found in the "FORMS" section under Behavior Analyst Forms. Return to the Board office with $100.00 [non-refundable] application fee.


          The Board also offers Registration as a Psychological Intern and Psychological Assistant. Both are training level positions and require supervision by a licensed psychologist, who meets the requirements listed in NAC 641.1563.

          • To begin registration process, complete the information form found in 'FORMS' section and send to Board office with (non-refundable) $100 application fee.
          • Approval of application for registration does not guarantee licensure.

          Q: What is the State Exam? Is it required?

          A: The state exam is required for licensure for all three types of licensure offered through this Board. It is generally the final step of the licensure process.


              55 multiple choice questions offered through a computer based format. Examinees have 90 minutes to attempt.

                Behavior Analysts

                  Both levels of licensure take the same exam. 45 multiple choice exam, only offered in pencil/paper format. Examinees have 60 minutes to attempt the exam.

                    Q: When and where are the State Exams offered?

                    A: Psychological State Exam is offered every two months starting in January. Exams can be attempted in approved testing centers. Currently only in Reno and Las Vegas.

                      Behavior Analyst State Exam is offered every other month starting in February. Exam will take place in EITHER Reno or Las Vegas

                        Q: When will I know if I can attempt the exam? Are there limits to the attempts I may have to pass the exam?

                        A: As exams are being offered more often invitations are sent about 30-45 days in advance.

                        • Invitations are sent through US mail, keeping your address up to date with the Board office will guarantee on time delivery.

                        There is an attempt limit on the state exams. Language is currently being developed and will be placed in NAC 641. Once official the language will be placed here as well.

                          Q: Costs of State Exam?


                          • Psychologists: $270
                          • Behavior Analyst: $75

                          Costs are evaluated each biennial. Costs may change due to development and travel costs.

                            Q: What is the cost of Biennial [Renewal]? When is it due?


                            • Psychologists: $500
                            • Licensed Behavior Analyst: $400
                            • Licensed assistant Behavior Analyst: $275

                            Renewal is completed at the end of each even year. Renewal packets will be mailed no later than October 1 st each even numbered year

                              Q: How can I pay the required fees?

                              A: All fees can be paid through Cash, check, or money order. All fees must be sent directly to the board office.


                                  Q: Can I send a post dated check?

                                  A: No. All postdated checks will be returned.

                                    Q: How many hours of Training/Supervision are required for licensure as a Psychologist?

                                    • A: 1750 in Predoctoral and 1750 in Postdoctoral. (NAC 641.080)

                                    Q: As a Registered Psychological Intern/Assistant is it important for me to send in my supervision logs quarterly?

                                    • A: Yes, sending in quarterly supervision logs allows the Board to monitor your progress and to alert you of the requirements needed for the next steps in training/licensure.

                                    Q: Will the Board accept applications, supporting documents or requested responses through email or fax?

                                    • A: NO. All applications, supporting documentation and response must be sent to the Board office through US mail/FedEx or UPS.

                                    The only exception is EXAM RESPONSES may be sent through email and fax.

                                      Q: How many continuing educations units are required? How often must I show proof?

                                      • A: For psychologists, LBAs, and LaBAs, you must take 30 hours in the two calendar years of the Biennia
                                        • Six hours must be in ethics.
                                        • No more than 15 hours may be in distance learning (computer based, video based, etc.)(NAC 641.007)

                                      Those licensed within the biennial are NOT required to complete CEUS.  CEUS are due with your renewal at the end of each even year.

                                        What is the PLUS application?

                                        A: The PLUS (Psychology Licensure Universal System) is an online application that was developed and is managed by ASPPB. This application, while extensive, will allow for easier application in other states as it is an accepted application by multiple jurisdictions in the US and Canada, and can be utilized as a Credentials Bank

                                        Q: How long does the application process take?

                                        • A: All licensure applications must be reviewed and voted on at a Board meeting. This can hold up the application if there are multiple months between Board meetings. Board meeting dates are always listed in the “Board” section of this website.

                                        Psychologists & Psychological Assistants

                                          [PLUS application from an APA accredited institution]: This application can take anywhere from 1 month to 10 months depending on the speed the applicant and attesters respond to the required application information.

                                            [PLUS application from a NON-APA accredited institution]: Due to the complexities of the required evaluation of the education [NAC 641.061] this application often takes longer to complete. This application can take from 3 months to 1 year to complete; depending on the speed the applicant and attesters respond to the required application information.


                                                [ABPP, CPQ, NRHSPP]: This application is a paper application provided by the Board office upon receipt of the information form. This application can take 1 month to 6 months to complete; depending on the speed the applicant and attesters respond to the required application information

                                                  LBA & LaBA

                                                    Both levels complete a paper application found in the “FORMS” section of the website. The applications take anywhere from a few weeks to 6 months to complete; depending on the speed the applicant and attesters respond to the required application information. However, often times the delay in LBA/LaBA applications is in regard to the scheduling of the Board meetings. Please check these in the ‘BOARD’ section of this website.

                                                      Q: What is the Board’s policy regarding Telepsychology/Telehealth?

                                                      A: In the 78th Nevada Legislature Assembly Bill 292 Telehealth was defined and placed in NRS 641, “ Before a provider of health care may provide services through telehealth to a patient located in this State, the provider must hold a valid license or certificate to practice his or her profession in this State, including, without limitation, a special purpose license issued pursuant to NRS 630.261. 6. The provisions of this section must not be interpreted or construed to: (a) Modify, expand or alter the scope of practice of a provider of health care; or (b) Authorize a provider of health care to provide services in a setting that is not authorized by law or in a manner that violates the standard of care required of the provider of health care.

                                                        A provider of health care who provides services through telehealth to a patient located in this State at the time the services are provided is subject to the laws and jurisdiction of the State of Nevada regardless of the location from which the provider of health care provides services through telehealth. As used in this section, “telehealth” means the delivery of services from a provider of health care to a patient at a different location through the use of technology that transfers information electronically, telephonically or by fiber optics, not including standard telephone, facsimile or electronic mail”.

                                                          The Board also encourages providers to follow guidelines as provided by APA, ASPPB, ABA and/or BCBA.

                                                            Q: Can I provide psychological services at the Master Level?

                                                            • A: No. NRS 641.027 requires all psychologists to be at the doctorate level.

                                                            Q. I was a CABI, what do I do now?

                                                            A: As of May 25, 2015, the term CABI was removed from NRS 641 and replaced with Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT).

                                                            • The Board will honor the Certificate until it expires on December 31, 2016. We will however be unable to provide further certificates.
                                                            • If you passed the state exam and meet the requirements for LaBA and LBA you may submit an application and $100 to the Board office no later than October 1, 2016.
                                                            • All information regarding CABI application and certification will be retained in the Board office until January 1, 2017 at which time the information will be stored out of office.

                                                            Q. What is RBT?

                                                            • A: RBT stands for Registered Behavior Technician and is regulated by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.

                                                            Contact by phone at 720-438-4321, by at email or visit the website at

                                                              Q. What do I do if I attended a Non-APA accredited program for my doctorate degree in psychology?

                                                              A: Upon application you will be required to have an evaluation of your doctorate degree to prove equivalency. [Review NAC 641.061]

                                                                Each graduate must provide an evaluation as requested by the Board. Approval of education is based on the applicant and NOT the institution.