Psychologist Application Information

Currently, the State of Nevada doesn’t have reciprocity with any state or province. An expedited licensure is offered to 20+ year seniors, CPQ, ABPP and NRHSPP certificate holders. If meet these requirements, please make sure to mark the appropriate certification on your registration form.

    Getting Licensed in the State of Nevada

    Welcome to Nevada. The first step to obtaining your license is to complete our registration form.

        Once you have completed this form, mail the form to the Board office along with your $150 application fee. Once the Board receives these materials, most individuals will receive an email invitation from the Association for State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB) to join the Psychology Licensure Universal System (PLUS) system. Please click the link below to learn more information about the PLUS system.

          Persons eligible for the expedited licensure process will be contacted via US Mail by the Board office.

              The Board of Examiners understands that there may be portions that do not apply to you, as well as sections that have limited space for information. Please complete the application to the best of your ability. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Board office for further clarification.

                If you would like someone other than yourself to discuss the status of your application with the Board office, please complete and submit the release form below.

                  Release to have outside party discuss application

                  If you would like someone other than yourself to discuss the status of your application with the Board, please complete and submit the below release form.

                      Application Process Timelines

                      Online Application and Payment

                      The Board is pleased to inform you that online application and payment are available. Please follow the below link and complete the form as noted. The Board office will contact you once confirmation of payment and form have been received.
                      ***Please Note*** There is an additional fee for utilizing online payment.