While the majority of questions can be answered by reviewing NAC 641 or NRS 641, the Board office staff may be contacted to answer questions.  However, we request your patience as it is a one-person office and can take up to 48 hours to respond to inquiries.

Q: What is required for licensure?

A: The Board currently offers licensure for Psychologists and three training registrations. 

Psychologists: NRS 641.170 (1)

  • Required to have a doctorate degree from an APA accredited institution or equivalent (NAC 641.060)
    • If program is not APA accredited, it is the applicant's responsibility to prove equivalency. (NAC 641.061)
  • 2 years of Supervision and Training. (NRS 641.170) 
    • 2,000 hours in Pre-doctoral training. (NAC 641.080) 
    • 1,750 hours in postdoctoral training. (NAC 641.080) 
  • EPPP [Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology] 
    • The EPPP Part-1 is required for licensure.  If an applicant passed the exam for licensure in another state, a retake will not be necessary for Nevada.  The required passing score is 500.
    • The EPPP Part-2 is required for applicants who either are not already licensure in another U.S. jurisdiction or were not licensed in another jurisdiction prior to November 1, 2020.
  • Passing score on Nevada State Exam. 
    • All persons looking to be licensed as a psychologist in Nevada MUST PASS the Nevada State Exam.
To begin the licensure process: Complete the information form found in the "LICENSING" section under psychologist licensing information.

** There is an abbreviated application process for applicants who have had a license in good standing for 20+ years and/ or hold a CPQ, ABPP or NRHSPP.**  To begin the application process, complete the application and return it to the Board office with the $150.00 [non-refundable] application fee.   


The Board also offers Registration as a Psychological Trainee, Psychological Intern, and Psychological Assistant.  All three are training level positions and require supervision by a Nevada licensed psychologist, who meets the requirements listed in NAC 641.1563.

  • To begin registration process, complete the information form found in 'LICENSING' section and send to Board office with (non-refundable) $150 application fee.
  • Approval of application for registration does not guarantee licensure.

Q. Will the EPPP2 be required for licensure?

A: The EPPP Part-2 is required for all applicants for LICENSURE who either:

  • are not currently actively licensed by another jurisdiction of the United States, the District of Columbia or its territories, or 
  • were not licensed in another jurisdiction prior to November 1, 2020.

Q. How will the EPPP2 effect the state exam?

A. Since the EPPP2 will cover the clinical content included in the current State exam, the Board is omitting that content from the State exam, focusing on the Nevada regulations and administrative code related to the practice of psychology. The Board is also taking the opportunity during this time of transition to update the way we administer and deliver the state exam.

Q: What is the State Exam? Is it required?

A: The Nevada state exam is required for licensure offered through this Board.  It focuses on the areas of jurisprudence and ethics and is generally the final step of the licensure process.

Q: When and where is the State Exam offered?

A: The Psychological State Exam is a web-based, open-book test.  Because there is a proctoring element, candidates must apply to schedule to take the exam, which is generally offered on the first and third Friday of each month.

Q: When will I know if I can attempt the exam? Are there limits to the attempts I may have to pass the exam?

A: Candidates applying for licensure or for registration as a psychological assistant will be provided the State Exam Candidate Guide and application.  It is incumbent upon the applicant to submit the application and fee when ready to take the exam.  

  • Registered psychological assistants may apply to take the State Exam once they have reached 1,400 of the required 1,750 post-doc training hours.

There is an attempt limit on the state exam. An applicant who fails the state exam once or twice may retake the exam.  An applicant who fails the exam three times must seek Board approval to take the exam a fourth time (NAC 641.112) 

Q: Costs of State Exam?

A:  A fee of $200 shall be assessed for each attempt of the exam.

Costs are evaluated each biennial. Costs may change due to development and administrative costs. 

Q: What is the cost of the Biennial Licensure Renewal? When is it due?

A:  Psychologists: $600

Renewal is completed at the end of each even numbered year. The online renewal portal will be opened no later than October 1st each even numbered year.  A hard copy packet may be requested through the Board office.

Q: How can I pay the required fees?

A: All fees can be paid:

  • with a check or money order sent to the Board office, or
  • online a credit card through PayPal (please note additional service fees apply).
To pay online, please request a PayPal invoice from the Board office at nbop.admin@govmail.state.nv.us.


Q: Can I send a post dated check?

A: No. All postdated checks will be returned. 

Q: How many hours of Training/Supervision are required for licensure as a Psychologist?

A: 2,000 in Predoctoral and 1,750 in Postdoctoral. (NAC 641.080)

Q: As a Registered Psychological Intern/Assistant is it important for me to send in my supervision logs quarterly?

A: Yes, sending in quarterly supervision logs allows the Board to monitor your progress and to alert you of the requirements needed for the next steps in training/licensure.

Q: How many continuing education units are required? How often must I show proof?

A: Psychologists must take 30 hours of continuing education credits in the two calendar years of the Biennial.

  • At least 6 hours must include instruction in scientific and professional ethics and standards, and common areas of professional misconduct. At least 2 hours must include instruction in evidence-based suicide prevention and awareness.   At least 6 hours must be in the area of cultural competency.
  • No more than 15 hours may be obtained from an approved distance learning course (computer based, video based, etc.) (NAC 641.007)
  • "Face-to-Face" opportunities include live events conducted online when the presenter or instructor is available in real time to answer questions.

Those licensed within the biennial are NOT required to complete CEUs.
CEUs are due with your renewal at the end of each even year. 

Q: What is the PLUS application?

A: The PLUS (Psychology Licensure Universal System) is an online application that was developed and is managed by ASPPB.  This application, while extensive, will allow for easier application in other states as it is an accepted application by multiple jurisdictions in the US and Canada, and can be utilized as a Credentials Bank.  For further information visit the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards.

Q: How long does the application process take?

A: All licensure applications must be reviewed and voted on at a Board meeting.  This can delay an application if there are multiple months between Board meetings.  Board meeting dates are always listed in the “Board” section of this website.  More detailed timelines are provided in the licensing section, under the application you are applying for.

Psychologists/Psychological Assistants [PLUS application from an APA accredited institution]: This application can take anywhere from 1 month to 10 months depending on the speed the applicant and attesters respond to the required application information.

Psychologists/Psychological Assistants [PLUS application from a NON-APA accredited institution]: Due to the complexities of the required evaluation of the education [NAC 641.061] this application often takes longer to complete. This application can take from 3 months to 1 year to complete; depending on the speed the applicant and attesters respond to the required application information.

Psychologists [ABPP, CPQ, NRHSPP]: This application is a paper application provided by the Board office upon receipt of the information form. This application can take 1 month to 6 months to complete; depending on the speed the applicant and attesters respond to the required application information.

Q: What is the Board’s policy regarding Telepsychology/Telehealth?

A: In the 78th Nevada Legislature, Assembly Bill 292 Telehealth was defined within NRS 641:

Before a provider of health care may provide services through telehealth to a patient located in this State, the  provider must hold a valid license or certificate to practice his or her profession in this State, including, without limitation, a special  purpose license issued pursuant to NRS 630.261. 6. The provisions of this section must not be interpreted or construed to:  (a) Modify, expand or alter the scope of practice of a provider of health care; or (b) Authorize a provider of health care to provide services in a setting that is not authorized by law or in a manner that violates the standard of care required of the provider of health care.

A provider of health care who provides services through telehealth to a patient located in this State at the time the services are provided is subject to the laws and jurisdiction of the State of Nevada regardless of the location from which the provider of health care provides services through telehealth.  As used in this section, “telehealth” means the delivery of services from a provider of health care to a patient at a different location through the use of technology that transfers information electronically, telephonically or by fiber optics, not including standard telephone, facsimile or electronic mail

The Board also encourages providers to follow guidelines as provided by APA, ASPPB, ABA and/or BCBA.

In the 79th Nevada Legislature, the Board joined the PSYPACT: Please review WWW.PSYPACT.ORG for further information regarding the status of the compact.

Q: Can I provide psychological services at the Master Level?

A: No.  NRS 641.027 requires all psychologists to be at the doctorate level.

Q. What do I do if I attended a Non-APA accredited program for my doctorate degree in psychology?

A: Upon application you will be required to have an evaluation of your doctorate degree to prove equivalency. {Review NAC 641.061}

Each graduate must provide an evaluation as requested by the Board. Approval of education is based on the applicant and NOT the institution.