Reactivation of Inactive License

(Licensees ONLY!)

Reactivation of an inactive license may take place at any time during the biennium.

    This application is only for individuals who have placed their Nevada license on inactive status. You will be responsible for returning the application (found below), completed to the Board office with $100.00 application fee. In addition to the application and fee, you will be required to show proof of 30 hours of continuing education completed during the previous Biennial, as well as proof of current license in good standing. Official verification sent directly from your current Board to the Nevada Board office is required for reactivation.

      If the psychologist did not complete enough hours in the previous Biennial, they may complete the hours presently. However, they will be unable to use them in the upcoming renewal.

        To be considered for reactivation, your application will need to be placed on the Board agenda. The Board generally meets the 2nd Friday of each month. To be placed on the agenda, please have the materials sent to the Board office at least ten days prior. The dates of the meetings are listed in the meetings section of this website.

          If you have any further questions you may contact the Board office.